Genmai swift

A tiny collection of generically useful iOS functionality in Swift:

  • Pseudo Random Number Generator
  • Snapshotting Logger (so users can painlessly ship back logs to help with bug solving)
  • CGRect/CGPoint/CGSize extensions for layout
  • ForegroundPersistentCell (for simple NSUserDefaults usage)
  • View controller animation + orchestration utilities

Intended to be used piecemeal and copy/pasted.

Depends on Result + BrightFutures + GZip.

Jam rust

Early stage game jam style graphics library using OpenGL in Rust.

Extremely opinionated mandating a single fat vertex type, shader and texture array. All assets support hot loading.

Howl rust

Early stage game jam style sound library using OpenAL in Rust.

Supports ogg, positional sound effects, persistent streaming audio and hot loading of sounds.

Tavern rust

A small Santorini client with a relatively strong AI.

Built on Jam + Howl